Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In my english class right now we are reading a book called 'Animal Farm.' We have to pick a video that shows the outline of the movie and i think i picked a pretty good deal here.

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  1. Hi Jared,

    I stopped by to visit your blog as part of the Edublogger name is Mrs. Streen and I am a high school librarian in Cleveland.

    I like your blog a lot - the Voki is cool - I take it you are a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. You did a nice job writing about your topic, I like that you added an introduction about the movie you embedded. The links (on the side column) regarding top stories is a great feature as well - they give us a hint of your interests.

    You seem to have the technical side of blogging all figured out - I just wonder though, what made you an Eagles fan as opposed to a Packer fan? Personally, I am hoping that this year, the Browns get it together :)

    You're doing a good job.

    Mrs. Streen