Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School year post

This year in my english class we learned about a new website called "blogger." Atleast once a week we had to logon and blog about a certain subject. In the end i ended up with 23 blogs and all of them were either school based or something to do with my own interest. Unfortunately i didn't have any comments on any of my post but thats alright. Out of all the post i wrote this year I'd have to say that my favorite post i wrot was the one about my friend burning his snowmobile to the ground. About half way through the school year i changes the theme to my blog because i just got bored of the old one. I have a few widgets on my blog which are just pictures or animations.

This is part of this blogging challenge

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  1. That is really intresting I thought the same thing I am just glad that this year is just done and am ready to start working all summer